Welcome to The Church of Holy Spirit
The church of holy spirit is church where we pray for good.
Hope in prayer though word of god.
Come here for hope. We’ll pray for you on our pray tower. Call Now: +91 81463 01587
Blessings are love of GOD
The Almighty has blessed you with this lovely life. We should thank him by helping others.

Church Planting Mission, India


Praying for nations

The Church of Holy Spirits Ministry considers it their premier task to bring the Good News to every Indian home and to the nations and very specifically in a manner that is popular and easily understood and accepted by them. Acts 1:8
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Welcome to The Church of Holy Spirit Ministry

We at The Church of Holy Spirit Ministry are committed to fulfill the Great Commission given to us by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, (Matthew 28:19) and lead nations to Christ. Psalm 86:9 We are a bible believing, Christ Centered, Independent, Non Denominational Church. As you go through this website, feel free to interact with us and know more about us. We invite you to join us in this mission as a body of Christ to build the Kingdom of God. Pastor Vinod Daniel Founder, The Church of Holy Spirit Ministry.

Prayer Request

The Almighty listens to each and every prayer of his children. We do lots of things which are not acceptable and then we start getting back these things. But GOD shows so much mercy to his children. He forgives all our sin and still wish for our good. Call us now to request a prayer the almighty. Rev. Pastor Vinod Daniel is a mentor to many christian leaders, pastors, prophets, evangelists, ministers and political leader and Bollywood actors. Call Pastor Vinod Daniel: +91 81463 01587 For Online Prayer Request Click Here Prayer Request By Call Prayer Request By WhatsApp Online Prayer Request